Performing Prose

performance technique for the writer

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"A reading is a performance. Easy enough for writers to forget that in the silence of their daily routines. Emily and Sean are two terrifically talented actors who understand the difference between the word on the page and the word from the stage. I can think of no better coaches for the story-tellers among us who might, on occasion, want to tell their stories out loud."

- Alice McDermott, National Book Award Winner & Pulitzer Finalist

From our April Workshop

"Performing Prose would help any writer at any stage of their career. These are skills that actors work on all the time, that most writers don’t even know exist. I felt like I was suddenly armed with tools and skills that will help me in reading my work and even in my day to day life. And the five hours of class was sheer fun too!"

-- Rachel Stolzman Gullo, author of Practice Dying

From our Sewanee Community

"Emily Shain and Sean McIntyre have been Resident actors at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference for several summers now, and their performances of the plays-in-progress by Resident playwrights and Fellows unfailingly amaze its authors as much as the audience.  They demonstrate what it means to transport: for a time there is no time but the characters’ time when their joys and trials are ours.  We know what they know; we experience all yet come out alive!   A transportive performance is miraculous for being rare—and so memorable too.  Emily Shain and Sean McIntyre hear the heart behind the words on a page and bring scenes to life.  They know the magic spells and have had me in their grip and I have loved it. "

-- Christine Schuttauthor of Pure Hollywood.

"I have had the great pleasure of watching Emily Shain and Sean McIntyre perform for several years now and am always in awe of their immense talent in both dramatic and comic roles. I have seen them hold the audience spellbound with tension and suspense and I have seem them bring down the house with perfect comic timing.  They are incredibly talented and also very kind, generous with their time and knowledge, and FUN!"

--Jill McCorkle, author of Life After Life.

From former students

"Sean's greatest strengths were that he understood any problems the students had and he was able to fix them or assist in making them better. I felt that any problem or question I had, he knew what would be the best solution for me rather than having a general solution for everyone."

"Sean creates an environment that feels safe for the students and pushes them to get out of their comfort zones."

"Emily is very communicative, passionate, and excited about the content and technique. I really appreciate her enthusiasm and demonstrative teaching style that helped expand my view on the methods and skills."

"Emily is supportive and constructive in all of her feedback. She legitimately wants every student to be the best they can be."