Performing Prose

performance technique for the writer

Performing Prose offers one-on-one and small group coaching designed to equip writers with the tools to connect with audiences during public readings of their work.

Instructed by two professional actors, writers will be enabled to perform in a comfortable, encouraging space. With their guidance, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of performance. This includes techniques to increase vocal variation, phrasing, character development, authenticity and more. Using acting techniques and hands-on live practice, participants will gain confidence and experience in front of an audience.

We ask that writers share a piece of work they’re prepping fora reading in advance. We’ll then work with you to create sessions that can cover a variety of skills, customizable for your interests and needs. These are essential skills for writers who may be prepping for a book launch, embarking on a book tour, preparing for readings at the end of an MFA, running a reading series, or contemplating any public presentation of their work.

I’ve given readings of my own fiction that have been amazing, getting laughs and big applause. Other times, I was overwhelmed with nerves, and a feeling that I needed better ways to connect with the audience. Listening to a great reading can be transcendent. You sink into the story, the voice, and you want more. I wanted to be that reader, and I wanted to give my own community of prose writers tools to be that reader too. Working with two trained and professional actors, with first hand experience hearing what works and doesn’t in a reading, I learned that performance is a teachable craft.
— Anne, our writer