Performing Prose

performance technique for the writer

We asked the writers we love this question. Their answers: 

"Reading live is not only my favorite part, it's now an essential part of my process. As a crowd listens to our words, every writer should in turn know how to listen to a room's laughs, sighs, and silences. An audience is an active collaborator, and the more they are embraced as such, the more your writing will flourish."

--Isaac Oliver, author of Intimacy Idiot, named one of NPR's Best Books of 2015, and contributor to The New York Times, W Magazine, Time Out New York, Out, and HBO's "High Maintenance."

"Think of all the interactions you've had in life, and how much more fun if the person you talk to is engaged and refreshing. It doesn't just create a good feeling, it creates an openness and a desire to know more. A great reading is that — it's an opening gambit. A great reading makes people go, 'I have to know this person. I have to know more about this person. I have to read everything they've ever written.'"

--Adrian Todd Zuniga, author of Collision Theory and Creator of Literary Death Match